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Tantric massage combines elements of ancient tantric-taoist techniques and classic massage with a sensuous, intimate ritual that gets your inner energy moving and fills you with arousal and tenderness. Tantric massage consist not only of a full body massage with warm sesame or almond oil, but also massage of the joni and lingam (the Sanskrit terms for female and male sex organs). Thanks to tantric massage, you'll no longer experience orgasms only in your sex organs, but you'll carry it from your pelvis throughout your entire body - a deep, filling, and excited feeling.
What will you experience during a tantric massage?
Tantric massage includes various kinds of touches, from soft to more dynamic. You'll experience a head and ear massage, washing with hot towels, the use of special aromatherapy oils, and natural nourishing oils. All this against a background of nice music, in calm and uninterrupted surroundings. You can also shower here. Everything needed for a tantric massage is available for your in our centre.

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