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Erotic massage
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Have a nice day to all massage lovers, please read all the information I present here.
For 9 years, I have been offering a professional and individual approach to every man, a clean and pleasant environment, privacy and, above all, the massage that your body needs. I apologize in advance, but I only offer touching during a personal meeting. Facilities for washing hands and toilets are available.
I end the massages only with my hands, I do not offer any other services and do not even consider them.

Working hours: Monday to Sunday - I pick up the phone at 11 a.m. and finish at 9 p.m
Location: Prague 5, Košíře
Method of ordering: I accept only by phone, I do not respond to SMS
A combination of classic, sports and erotic massage. Massage of the whole body (back, buttocks, legs, groin) and, of course, manual stimulation of your penis to climax. For the massage, I use high-quality unscented coconut oil, which glides pleasantly over your body, leaves no aroma and just wipes it off with a towel after the massage. To create the right atmosphere in the space, I light candles and play pleasant relaxing music. I am not naked during the massage, but of course you can touch superficially.
Massage for: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes

I do not offer any other services, please respect that and do not offer me additional fees

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