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48/160/60 Blonde offers her services in her private apartment. A discreet encounter with me at my home, no infamous private club but a cozy, fragrant, comfort with tranquil music, relaxation for men, proportionate to my age. I like to negotiate on the phone - mutual sympathies can be found out in communication. I'm not a professional, I have my job but sometimes have too much time and why not? I am free, independent, empathetic, with an unmistakable taste for everything pleasant and knowing what attracts or interests me. I'm not against giving you coffee or a glass of red wine ... and having a magical evening with a charismatic man. There is just one life, so why not enjoy it completely, especially if you feel alone .. I will only pay for information on the phone. I do not respond to text messages. You can call from 8am to 9pm ... I recommend to arrange an appointment an hour in advance. If I do not answer the phone, it's not possible - I apologise. I never call clients, so try again later. Have a nice day.
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