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Incall apartment
+420 775 916 662
Mo - Fr: 10:00-18:00
Sa - Su: 10:00-20:00


There is currently one girl available: Ema

I am a nice, smiling and cuddly redhead of mature age 47/165/75 who likes to play and can adapt to what you like
I offer: Pissing, kissing, penis massage, oral to completion with swallowing, deep oral, licking nipples, licking and tying balls, rimming, ringing your anal, piss both sides, my fist, wet orgasm - spraying, sex, anal sex, light SM, male anal sex.
Threesome M-F-F

All sex only with protection, oral can be without.
Contact by phone at least 30 minutes in advance at 775 916 662, I do not respond to text messages, private numbers or whatsapp

Meeting with me is possible in private
I offer discretion, cleanliness, honesty and high standard ... I expect the same from you.
I'm looking forward .... Ema
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Registered since: 16.5.2017
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