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Blond 40, a more delicate type, Karlovy Vary, 168/65/E, will welcome you in her cosy bed, you my darlings who like classic sex, erotic massage, two-sided blow jobs, kissing, caressing, cuddling, sex, anal. All always and only with protection !! The prices are valid only for the time I spend with you, the shower before and after and the arrival and departure does not count !!!! Please do not come in overalls or a tracksuit !! I do not respond to text or voice messages !! I'm not here to talk, I do not do sex on the phone. Orders are made by telephone at 739 887 033 daily from 12:00 to 20:00. Order 1 hour in advance, confirmation of visit min. 15 minutes in advance when I give the address !! Absolute discretion is guaranteed and required !!!! WE ARE NOT CALL-IN, BUT THE A PRIVATE HOME WHERE I AM MYSELF. Parking by the house. I look forward to you.
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