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Have you ever visited fairyland where even unspoken dreams can come true? Where you can dwell in beautiful expanses and touch living fairies? Such places are mostly found in distant lands needing lots of time to visit them. There is a place, however, where you can enjoy a fairy tale 24 hours a day and where your dreams are surpassed by reality. That place is within reach of your cellular phone.

The Party Hotel Moulin Rouge has been built in the heart of Vizovická
vrchovina near the village of Březůvky. This facility offers an impressive, unique experiences. It is a first-class centre of relaxation, frequented by gentlemen as well as by ladies and offering exceptionally versatile services. The location of the hotel complex alone invokes pleasant feelings of harmony with unspoiled countryside. The hotel is located at the shore of a lovely small pond full of trout. The pond is complemented by a waterfall and surrounded by a splendid grassy bank used as a nudist beach.

A first-class, 60-seater restaurant with billiards allows guests to relaxe due to its coziness, attentive staff, discreet music and, last but not least, because of a round-the-clock-operation kitchen. At any time, day or night, guests can enjoy selected special dishes the names of which characterise a sex club. "Ecstasy tenderloin", "Lovesick waitress steak", "Cupid's shot", etc. Such
dishes, prepared by skilful chefs, are pleasing to the stomach as well as the

In the hotel complex, the guests are attended to by bunny girls dressed properly for a Gentlemen's club, i.e., topless. The guests can also enjoy either of the three summer terraces. Each terrace offers a superb view of the surrounding landscape with grazing horses; the horses can be used for rides. One can also see the entrance to the subterranean shooting range where sport or training may be combined with culinary feasts. The range features automated facilities for pistol shooting

The nightclub - the bar adorned with a splendid pool with clear, turquoise water - resembles palaces from the Arabian Nights.The pool encircles a water-spouting rockery with palms on it. Lovely nymphs bathing in the pool invite guests to bathe. We are the only hotel in the world where swimming in your bathing suit is forbidden! The rockery is a stage for sparsely dressed go-go girls; the girls performance abounds with eroticism..

Because of the universal interior, one can see a party in evening dress, another party bathing nude nearby, and a group of dancers on the floor in between. Any female guest taking at least the upper part of her dress off will be honoured for her courage with a bottle of sparkling wine.

The dancing floor has been illuminated with up-to-date lighting equipment. The whole club has been equipped with an excellent sound distribution system, and the interior has a projection screen featuring impressive, non-stop video shows appropriate for a nightclub. Next to the pool there is a cosy cave with a large whirlpool bath where you can (if you wish to do so) enjoy the company of one or
more beautiful nymphs. Needless to say, topless waitresses attend to you here as well.

The hotel offers comfortable, unique accommodation in maisonette apartments. The ground floor includes a foyer with complete social amenities and a lounge equipped with a minibar, safe, phone, and a satellite-connected colour TV-set. The set is also connected to the internal network of the hotel so that you can also enjoy the video being shown in the nightclub.

Would you like to set up a pleasant surprise for your wife or girlfriend?
Invite her to the charming premises of the party-sport hotel where you can
get up any time you like (as opposed to other hotels where you have to leave your room by 12 a.m., for example). Then jump in the pool and, right after you complete your swim, enjoy a poolside breakfast and pleasing music, wearing just a dressing gown, or not even that.

The whole of the Party Hotel Moulin Rouge offers an unequalled range of services. On the one hand, it can fulfil even the most intimate wishes of gentlemen or couples (but ladies can also come into their own). The varied structuring of the interior makes it possible to satisfy even the most
adventurous, those wishing to a arrange swingers' party. On the other hand, there is a possibility for confidential business dealings and meetings, in particular with visitors from abroad, for enjoyment of delicious dishes either alone or in large company, or even just for savouring a single cup of coffee. Daytime prices amount to just about a half of the night-time prices..

Our guests can also relax in the fitness centre or in the sun parlour. Open-air premises include a tennis-court with artificial turf. The court can be lit up so that it can even be used during night-time hours. The court is also adapted to volleyball and kneeball.

Fans of motor-vehicle racing will also enjoy themselves.The surroundings of the hotel form the setting for the BARUM-RALLYE international car race. In fact, the
starting place for one of the speed trials is located directly in front of the hotel. Our hostesses are a welcome distraction in at both the start and finish of the race. The Moulin Rouge Rally-Team take part in various races on a regular basis.

In the superb premises of the complex, the hotel staff are able to manage grill-parties, garden-parties, corporation and company parties, and other events according to the customer's needs.

Because of their outstanding facilities and superb setting, the hotel
premises have also been used by filmmakers and photographers from all around the
world. You can see the resultant photographs and film clips in many magazines as well as on TV. This location has also been used by the staff of TV NOVA for shooting many of their programs, including the popular "Peříčko". Therefore, you should not be surprised if you meet a well-known personality while visiting us.

Do not forget! Only your personal visit and personal acquaintance with all options we offer can secure your unforgettable moments of enjoyment and relaxation. In all that, we guarantee full confidentiality and elegance. We cordially look forward to your visit.
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