Dolly Azyl
Praha 3 map
Incall apartment, Asylum
+420 723 664 331
+420 736 631 973
We are here with new service for all erotica fans. Between mon-fri and 14.00 to 19.00 we are offering environment of our luxurious club to all lovers and erotica worshippers! Just what you can in our club look forward? Home cinema, luxurious whirlpool, bath, toilet and bar is in every room. Club could be find in Prague just 10m from tram station. Cleanliness and discretion are obvious. You can call from 14.00 to 05.00 723 664 331or you can send sms non-stop to 608 641 214 or You can trust you will never forget your erotic experiences from our whirlpool.
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